1.1 The Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival is the only film festival in Portugal about Sport in all its range of events and social and cultural aspects. The purpose of the festival is the promotion, publicity, reflection and appreciation of world cinematography of sport.

1.2 UESPT-PORTUGAL is the organising entity, in partnership with the Féderation Internationale du Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS) and CINEFOOT.

1.3 FICTS, based in Milan, brings together the most prestigious sports film festivals in the world, based in countries such as Italy, China, United States of America, Nepal, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Uganda, Mexico, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Czechia, Argentina, Iran, Brazil, among others, joined by Portugal with the Lisbon Sport Film Festival.

1.4 CINEFOOT – Football Film Festival, based in Rio de Janeiro, is the first film festival in Brazil and a pioneer in Latin America with unique conceptual and curated approaches to football. The purpose of the festival is the promotion, publicity, reflection and appreciation of world football cinematography.

1.5 The Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival 2022 consists of four competitive exhibitions: 1) Sport and Society, 2) CINEFOOT Portugal, 3) Lisbon Sport Film Festival – Television and 4) Sport as seen by Young People.

1.6 The 2022 edition of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival will be held in a hybrid format. The screenings will take place on 12 and 13 November at Fórum Lisboa for the presentation of the films awarded by the official jury of the 2022 edition, extra competition films and conferences with the presence of directors and personalities from the world of sport. Prior to the screenings, from November 4 to 8, the entire competitive programme will be available online on the festival’s website.

1.7 The 2022 edition of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival shall take place in a hybrid format, with in-person sessions on 12 and 13 November at the Lisbon Forum and online from 4 to 8 November through the festival’s website.


2.1 UESPT PORTUGAL organises the Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival. UESPT PORTUGAL is a permanent representation of the International Federation of Sports for All (FISpT), a sports NGO recognised by the International Olympic Committee. FISpT was created in 1998 by a group of European citizens. FISpT values the democratisation of sport and access to sport for all, having as its primary mission the promotion and development of Sport for All.

2.2 UESPT PORTUGAL proposes, under the scope of its mission, to promote with the Lisbon Sport Film Festival – International FICTS Festival the values associated with Sport, as a factor of personal, social and accessible development for all. In particular, the promotion of social values through Sport in the following areas: Training and Literacy, Gender Equality, Development and Social Inclusion.


3.1 Registration is free and shall be open until midnight on 28 September 2022.

3.2 The limit of titles per director/producer is three works.

3.3 In the exhibitions “Sport and Society”, “CineFoot Portugal”, “LSFF-Television” short (up to 30 minutes), medium or feature films, of any nationality, whose main approach is the theme “Sport” may be submitted, regardless of their year of production/completion.

3.3.1. In the “Sport and Society” exhibition, films shall be selected that reinforce the social vocation of Sport and reflect on the relationship between Sport and society issues.

3.3.2. In the “CineFoot Portugal” exhibition, the result of a partnership with CINEFOOT, films with football as the main theme shall be selected.

3.3.3. In the “LSFF-Television” exhibition, works about sports made for television shall be selected.

3.3.4. In the exhibition “Sport seen by Young People”, films must be made by young people, up to the age of 25 (on 31 December 2022), with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, with recordings made with a tablet or smartphone, in LANDSCAPE orientation. Films must show experiences, practices and/or tell stories that represent sporting values, the social aspect of sport, sporting life routines, as well as sentimental relationships with sports modalities or institutions. For interested young people, video production workshops shall be held and a guide with recommendations to submit films in the competition shall be organised.

3.4 The works must be completed at the time of registration.

3.5 Registration shall be made by completing and sending the Registration Form, available online at: https://www.lisbonsportfilmfestival.com/sobre-o-festival/ficha-de-inscricao/. For applicants under the age of 18 for the Exhibition “Sports Seen by Young People”, the field must be filled in with an authorisation from the person in charge.

3.6 The Registration Form must be sent by email, duly signed and in case of duly authorised minors, to the following address: info@uesptportugal.com.

3.7 The director and/or the person responsible for the registration must also send, until midnight on 28 September 2022, in MP4 format, or a link to view their work, provided that it is available for download.

3.8 International films must send a copy of the work submitted with English subtitles.

3.9 The person responsible for the registered work, upon submitting the Entry Form, declares that they agree with and accept the festival’s regulations in their entirety, with no reservation of any nature.

3.10 Only works that meet the requirements of this regulation shall be considered in the selection.

3.11 The registered works shall be sent for assessment by the Selection Committee, which shall select the works to take part in the competition. All works submitted may be used strictly for cultural purposes and always without commercial purposes.


4.1 The selection of works that shall take part in the Festival shall be the responsibility of a Selection Committee appointed by the Organising Committee of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival. The Selection Committee shall include 3 members to be invited by UESPT PORTUGAL, including members from the cinema, audio-visual, media and sports community.

4.2 The works must be part of one of 4 Exhibitions: “Sports and Society”; “CINEFOOT Portugal”; “Lisbon Sport Film Festival – Television”, “Sport as seen by young people”.

4.3 The selection result shall be announced until 10 October 2022 on the festival’s official website, www.lisbonsportfilmfestival.com.

4.4 In addition to this disclosure on the website, all those selected shall be officially informed by the festival’s Organising Committee.

4.5 The technical conditions of the materials for exhibition, as well as materials needed for publicity, shall be reported to those selected.

4.6 The decision of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival Selection Committee is sovereign and cannot be appealed.

4.7 The selected works must have an indicative classification attributed by the Inspectorate-General for Cultural Activities (IGAC) or, if they do not have this indication, those responsible for the works must inform the Festival Organising Committee of the age rating intended for the work.

4.8 Those responsible for the selected works must inform if they include musical works protected by copyright. If they do, they must inform the authors and the Copyright Association to which they are associated.


5.1.1 The Lisbon Sport Film Festival plans to award prizes to the best films by decision of the Official Festival Jury and through the vote of the public. The Jury shall be formed of 5 representatives appointed by UESPT, FICTS and CINEFOOT.

5.1.2 For each of the 3 Exhibitions, respectively “Sports and Society”, “CINEFOOT Portugal” and “Lisbon Sport Film Festival – Television”, the Festival Jury shall award the Trophy – Lisbon Sport Film Festival 2022 – to the winners of the categories and may also award Honourable Mentions, if they so wish, it is not mandatory.

5.1.3 A Trophy – Lisbon Sport Film Festival will be awarded to the work with the most votes by the public, namely in the short and feature film categories, and in the exhibitions of “Sport and Society”, “CINEFOOT Portugal” and “Lisbon Sport Film Festival – Television”.

5.2 The newly created exhibition “Sports seen by young people” will be awarded the SANTA CASA prize (to be designated). The SANTA CASA prize will be awarded by a Special Jury.

5.3 Similarly, a Diploma shall be offered to the work most voted by the public, among all the Exhibitions. Public voting shall be done through a QR Code announced in the exhibition hall.

5.4 The results of the Official Festival Jury and the public vote shall be announced during the closing ceremony of the Festival.

5.5 The decisions of the Official Festival Jury and the public vote are sovereign and cannot be appealed.

5.6 The winning films shall be recommended by the LSFF Organising Committee to the Organisation of the 2023 edition of “Sport Movies & TV – Milano International FICTS Fest”, organised annually by the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, representing the 4th edition (2022) of Lisbon Sport Film Festival, as the festival is part of the FICTS festival network. The same shall happen with Festival CINEFOOT BRASIL.


6.1 The custody and conservation of the selected works are under the responsibility of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival and are exclusively intended for the November 2022 Festival (4th Edition of the LSFF).

6.2 It is guaranteed that the exhibition platform does not allow copying films.

6.3 The viewing of the films shall be done free of charge in the theatre and in streaming on the Festival’s official platform.

6.4 The film shall remain on the Festival’s official platform from midnight on 4 November to midnight on 18 November 2022.


Submission of films presupposes acceptance of the following conditions:

7.1 Entries and selected works are automatically authorised to be shown as an integral part of the entire Lisbon Sport Film Festival programme.

7.2 The directors and/or the person in charge of the selected films must present the copy to be shown at the Lisbon Sport Film Festival, in MP4 format, until 15 October 2022.

7.3 UESPT-Portugal and the Lisbon Sport Film Festival Organising Committee are not responsible for issues related to copyright, right to use voice, image, soundtrack, ratings or “content location”, as well as any other types concerning the intellectual property rights of third parties on the entries.

7.4 Participants automatically assign to the Lisbon Sport Film Festival Organising Committee the rights to broadcast extracts from the selected works for publicising the event’s programme, as well as for graphic, promotional or publicity materials.

7.5 The dates and times of the screenings of the sessions of the participating films and in streaming are decided based on criteria defined, exclusively by the Organising Committee of the Lisbon Sport Film Festival and communicated to those selected.

7.6 The registration procedures for the selection of films bind the participant to the full acceptance of this regulation.

7.7 The person responsible for the registration declares, at the time of registration, that the director of the work is the holder of all the rights required, guaranteeing its exhibition at the Lisbon Sport Film Festival, and that all elements or any type of work used in the registered work, including the soundtrack and archive images, do not breach any right to use the image or intellectual property of third parties, the person responsible for registration thus agreeing to take exclusive legal responsibility for any claim, lawsuit or litigation, whether directly or indirectly arising the exhibition or use of the works.

7.8 Omissions shall be settled by the Lisbon Sport Film Festival Organising Committee.

7.9 Registration Form at www.lisbonsportfilmfestival.com